Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sheffield Sex City (Part 3)

This is the the final part to the SVC Sheffield Sex City trilogy and to round up I thought I'd post a few oddities along with an old family favourite.

All Seeing I - 1st Man In Space
So 'Golden Oldie' first and here's Sheffield's very own supergroup The All Seeing I and 'The First Man In Space'. The All Seeing I are/were Dean Honer (I Monster), Jason Buckle (Rubber Johnny, Relaxed Muscle) and DJ Parrot (Sweet Exorcist), this track was written by Jarvis Cocker and sung by housewives favourite, Phil Oakey. Phil opens the song by reading from a letter "Hello this is Phil talking..." about how life has moved on since he got back from space. Perhaps young Jarvis is writing about how life changed for him after he came back from having Worldwide success. hmmmm probably not. Anyway it sure is a swell song and it so deserved to get higher than No. 37 in the charts. By the way if you get the LP 'Pickled Eggs & Sherbert' then keep an ear cocked for the excellent 'Happy Birthday Nicola' also written by Cocker and sung by Babybird's Steven Jones and Sheffield legend Tony Christie. I've lost my copy (only had it on minidisc) so if anyone out there has this track then wing us one will'yer. ooh get him.

Visit - Pulp
Visit - I Monster
Visit - Sweet Exorcist

Ctrl C - Rod Is Gay
I know nothing about this record other than I once overheard a Fat Trucker say it was a mate of theirs when I was hanging around in the bushes of Fat Truckers Mansions masticating. I was hungry at the time. The b-side is a mucky version of Bills Bills Bills by Destiny's Child and the picture at the top of this post is from the 7". Cocks artists own.

The Wad - 15 Inches
This came out about 4 years ago on Earth Records which I think are based in Bristol. I've always thought The Wad were from Sheffield (maybe not??) anyway there's also a version rebuilt by Forgemasters (of Warp 001 fame) on the 7 Hills Clash 12" on Denk Records which I don't think is as good as the original. Ah well each to their own I suppose. 7 Hills Clash 12" does have an ace reworking of Obeah's Chickenfoot by the All Seeing which I was going to post but thought it might be a bit too much all seeing them again etc etc etc...

JP Buckle - Batty Rymer
Guess which band of DJs/producers this chap was once in who remade their UK smash hit (originally by Sonny and Cher) for American Mickey Mouse sensation. Yes them. On Britney's first album there is a swinging rework of 'The Beat Goes On' which has kept Buckle/Honer and Parrot in old synths and taxis ever since. This track is taken from a double LP on Rephlex that came out god knows when and is both good and bad but neither brilliant. What does this track and Gucci Soundsystem frontman Ben 'Batty' Rymer have in common? Yes they're both the same as Rod.

Visit - Rephlex
Visit - Relaxed Muscle

Hiem - Chelsea
You'll never guess what but I once saw the' All S****g I' live at Danny La Rue's music hall in the East End of London and singing/playing guitar that evening (along with Oakey) was Bozz lead singer with Heim. He was wearing a poncho at the time n'all. Heim also have a track on Ann Shenton's (Add N to X) The Electronic Bible CD which Simon mentions below (Buy it for it is good). I'm a little worn out now sportsfans so cheerio.

Visit - Heim
Visit - The Electronic Bible
Visit - White Label Music

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