Friday, October 15, 2004

Sheffield Sex City (Part 2)

Willis - The Space Within (Fat Truckers Mix)
This was released as a one sided 7" last year that was limited to just 500 copies.
(good luck with finding a copy)
Sheffield's own Fat Truckers take the country bluesy song by Willis and just sledgehammer the bloody thing into submission...
And what a what a wonderful wonderful racket they produced.
The original version can be found on the Willis album Come Get Some, also released last year on 679 Recordings.
It's not a bad album, it has some really good songs on it and she has a great voice... I just feel it's a little too over produced for my taste.

If you're looking for a great album to buy though you really cant go wrong with The First Fat Truckers Album Is For Sale, this is the US release with the bonus version of Superbike.

Visit - Willis

The Human League - Dance Like A Star
Ahhh! The Mighty Mighty League...
I can't believe I haven't posted anything by them before...
This is taken from The Golden Hour Of The Future album that was compiled and released by Richard X in 2002 on his own Black Melody label.
The album ties up all the loose ends pre Virgin... including some recordings made as The Future before they changed their name.
This album might be a little hard to get hold of at a decent price but fear not as Richard has a stack hidden under his bed so visit his site and email him and ask nicely.

Visit - Blind Youth - The early work of The Human League.... Excellent site.
Visit - Richard X @ Black Melody

Pulp's Tour Truck.

"Cocker to-day is for all practical purposes a pet and a show dog"

Pulp - Dogs Are Everywhere
It's that man Jarvis Cocker again, this time with a pre-fame Pulp offering on 12" from 1986 on Fire Records.
This was their 4th single and my introduction to the joys of Pulp...
Although not as dramatic as later Pulp releases I think this was kind of the start of the delivery and sound of the Jarvis we know and love now.
It's a pretty funny song to be honest, makes me smile everytime I hear it anyway.
This track along with a couple of the b-sides is available on the Countdown 1992-1983 compilation.

Visit - Pulp

Have a good weekend everyone.

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