Friday, October 08, 2004

Fuzzy Friday

The Velvet Underground - Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental Version)
Raw, Filthy, Dirty... what a beautiful sound.
There's probably nothing I can add to everything that has been written and re-written about The Velvets so I won't even bother...
Apart from the very first time I heard this it completely blew me away, and still does every time.
Although this was recorded in 1967 it wasn't released until 1986 on the outakes and alternate versions compilation Another View, some of which turned up on the excellent Peel Slowly and See box set, not this tune though.
This version of the song is from my vinyl copy as I recon it sounds better...
as vinyl usually does.

Visit - The Velvet Underground Web Page

Novak's Kapelle - Doing That Rhythm Thing
I know almost bugger all about this band apart from they released a couple of albums in the Seventies and several singles too...
This track though is from the late 60's (not quite sure what year?) and was the opening slab of distortion on the "Electric Loosers - The Story Of Volkslied Into Krautrock" CD Album pictured above in all its topless women on a rocking horse glory... but was clearly just copied from a vinyl copy, as is the way with a lot of garage punk compilations.
Scuzzy is the first word that pops into my head when I hear this.. Yum!

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Have a great weekend.

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