Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Music Reach

01 - Armando - Let There Be House
02 - Mr. Lee - Art Of Acid
03 - Pierre - Box Energy
04 - Baby Ford - Oochy Coochy
05 - Fingers Inc - Can You Feel It
06 - Richie Rich - Salsa House
07 - Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future
08 - L'iasons D - He Chilled Out
09 - Project One - Smokin' Chalice
10 - Toxic Two - Rave Generator
11 - Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives
12 - SL2 - Way In My Brain
13 - Together - Hardcore Uproar
14 - Acen - Trip II The Moon
15 - Earth Leakage Trip - Ice Cream Van From Hell

With youth, luck and stupidity on my side all of these songs meant something to me at one time or another. In fact most of them still do to a certain extent but for many different reasons as it's hard not to listen to them without a hint of nostalgia. Imagine that?

That reminds me... there used to be this old boat yard completely deserted for miles around and right on the sea-edge near where me and my mates lived. In (Spoilt) Victorian times it would have been a fantastically swanky place to holiday with elevated walkways above the sea, a tea shop and a little play park. It had seen better days though and since the boat building never really took off it was just a dangerous, wee-smelling empty shell with chipboard hammered across the windows. Perfect! Anyway we let ourselves in and held a few parties in there, hired a generator and cobbled together a sound system, No DJ just tapes, roadwork lights on ropes attached to the ceiling and a couple of strobes. Popularity grew and with the amount of people that turned up after the clubs had closed it was inevitable that the police would turn up. To cut a crap story short we quickly shut everything off and hid, the police hovered around outside for a bit but eventually buggered off, we turned the generator back on and someone had nicked the tape deck. The end.

Oh there was one other in a disused holiday home but the farmer took offence to everyone parked in his fields and used his trusty pig-knife to graffiti the cars. Welcome to the world's most rubbish rave organisers. We had such dreams. heh heh...

Normal service will be resumed later on in the week.

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