Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's too good!

Acen - Trip II The Moon

So there's James Bond right and he's hanging with the Ninja Death Squad trying to stop nuclear war as some bad guys have used a spaceship to eat an American rocket and the Yanks naturally blame the Ruskies as it's all cold war stuff. Anyway It's actually the evil plot of Donald 'Blofeld' Pleasance so Sean Connery dons suitable Japanese attire and does the best impression of an oriental chap since Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Jump forward 15 years or so and we're in the middle of the 'Second Summer Of Love' (so says the NME) and I'm dancing round my bedroom shaking my bicycle lights above my head listening to some hissy rave tape bought at Camden Market when I think the theme from Moonraker comes on over some sped up hardcore breakbeat thing. Wicked I says and I play it over and over and over again for about a Summer.

Jump forward about 13 years or so and my bike is now a car, I never take my top off when I dance (I rarely dance) and the theme was not Moonraker but You Only Live Twice. Funny old World.

Acen interview - here.

Baby Ford - Oochy Coochy

"Maam that's a weird trip. You ain't yet seen next ya know two fat ladies are reachin in to pull ya out by the gut. Man you think I hope the whole world don't stink like this but that's the scene you just entered into the wicked wide world. Oochy Coochy. F.U. babe yeah yeah" goes the inscription on the B-side to this classic, classic UK acid house stormer. No I don't know either?

Before 'Ford Trax' I thought electronic music couldn't get any better than Jean Michel Jarres 'Zoolook'. Oh my god how he twists the sounds of elephants into bassdrums and jungle squirrels into hi-hats. Amazing. err no not quite. Anyway soon after I left behind the clever-clogs world of French laser (lazer?) harps and jumped with both feet into the fetid pit of Acid House. I must add, I have never worn a smiley t-shirt nor bandana but did once own a whistle.

Visit - Baby Ford

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