Friday, September 24, 2004

Kings Lead Coq

Just a couple of quickies today as we kind of shot ourselves in the foot after posting the SVC rave tribute on Wed. Both Simon and I have been deliberating on what to post and after much to'ing and fro'ing I think these little beauties will suffice. By the way I've just bought a new needle for my turntable so the quality is a million times better, enjoy and have a great weekend...

The Lovers - La Degustation

Rumour has it that this track (taken from a very limited 7" on Coq Euh Vin Records 2002) is none other than Jarvis Branson Cocker with perhaps some All Seeing I's and the odd I Monster thrown in for good measure. It's a sleazy, entendre ridden binatone homage to Serge Gainsborough/Jane Birkin. Come taste my wine indeed.

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Dirtbombs - Kings Lead Hat

Again another limited 7" release on Fortune Teller Records featuring two of Detroit legend Mick Collins' bands, The Gories on one side and The Dirtbombs on the other. Here The Dirtbombs cover Brian Eno's 'Kings Lead Hat' from his 1977 Before And After Science LP. Skewed piano, crunchy guitars, riff, riff, riff. This track is also available on the Australian release of Dangerous Magical Noise LP.

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