Thursday, September 02, 2004

Forty Four

Bronze Age Fox - Forty Four

This song was originally released on a very limited (200 copies) square shaped piece of clear vinyl last March, a set of three records the other releases/shapes were triangular and an 8" circle. If you were fortunate to get your hands on a copy of one, two or even all three then you are very lucky indeed. For all those that missed out and don't fancy forking out a King's ransom on Ebay then help is at hand.

The Bronze Age Fox Compilation. All six tracks from the three shaped releases and also all four songs from their first 10" release, 'The Sunshine Made The Desert'.

By the way I design their sleeves and my girlfriend took this photo of them on horseback (see above, gert lush!) Anyway the CD comes out any day now and not only sounds good but looks good too so in the meantime to whet your appetites download this exclusive track.

Don't forget to visit Bronze Age Fox Not much to see but you can download the song 'Show Me Something More' from the triangle record. There's also a review of the new CD on the Times online site and it gets a better rating than the Libertines and Bjork.

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