Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Animal Kwackers

Tricky - The Lovecats

This Cure cover is lifted from Tricky's Vulnerable album from last year.

Although the album isn't my favourite of his it has some great tracks on it covering his usual pop/rock/chilled/noisy/drugged-out/trip hoppy style....

This is one of his pretty frequent forays into the world of cover versions, previous artists given the Tricky treatment have included Public Enemy, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Ella Fitzgerald, ESG, Judy Garland, Slick Rick and along with The Cure on Vunerable he also covers XTC's Dear God.

I really like the lazy laid back breathlessness of this version and is one of my favourite Cure covers...

To be honest I think whatever Tricky has turned his hand to whether it's been a number of musical styles (always Tricky though) or acting I've always found his work refreshing and interesting.

And if you go to his website you can stream the Vunerable album too.


Visit - Tricky

Thee Headcoats - Monkeys Paw

Now for a bit of good old fashioned garage punk brought to by the man who Gave us a million albums by a million bands and Holly Golightly (of White Stripes fame), the one and only Musician, Artist, Poet and Novelist... Billy Childish.

This track is taken from 1990's excellent album The Kids Are All Square, This Is Hip....

If you like this track then you have to go and buy the essential must have, must love 50 track double disc godlike compilation of Thee Headcoats... Elementary Headcoats.

To be honest the whole history of Billy Childish and the millions of bands he's been in and the millions of albums he's recorded cannot even be touched upon here so can I suggest a trip to his homepage where there's more info than you can shake a stick at.

Visit - Thee Billy Childish

Thanks For The Linkage

Gutterbreakz - I've just spent ages reading Nick's blog who seems to have so many of the same tastes as me, no MP3's but still a great read.

Well worth a daily visit as It's updated frequently.

Life Of A Spuckle - I have absolutely no idea what a spuckle is, but whatever it is it has a lovely blog with MP3's.

Girls In The Bag - Very pink... Very Girlie... Very Frank... Very Good Read.

Mewsic - Great mix of political comment with MP3's tied in to the subject matter... Great read.

Womenfolk - An MP3 blog featuring an all women cast of musical artistes... Yesterday they had Fairground Attraction's "Perfect" which I really like... Honest!

Last Sound Of Summer - I've only just stumbled accross this and It's pretty bloody good...

loads of great tunes I love... Nuf Said.

Thanks one and all....



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