Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's Not Bullshit.... It's Sebadoh!

Sebadoh - P.Moon

This is one of my favourite cover versions of all time... Pink Moon by Nick Drake given the stunning Sebadoh treatment.

This can be found on the Sebadoh Vs. Helmet album.

Here they take a beautiful song and just give it everything.... Turn this one up very very loud and just wallow in the chorus with that fantastic loud guitar line... Brilliant.

Sebadoh - Soul And Fire

Arguably one of the most beautiful tracks Sebadoh recorded...!

Arguably one of the most beautiful tracks ever recorded...!

This is stolen from the "Soul And Fire" ep from 1993 and can also be found on the Bubble & Scrape album, which is pretty much a must have in anybody's record collection.

Sebadoh - Gimme Indie Rock

Sebadoh's second 7" released on the very first day of 1991 was one of those records that just encapsulates everything I loved from music at the time... This was pretty much my introduction to what was to be known as Lo-Fi... (although arguably almost evrything I had been listening to for years was Lo-Fi) and a bloody good introduction it was too...

It starts like I would have expected from an ex Dinosaur Jr. member... Then just goes all slacker indie and namechecks just about every band I loved... Then it gets all Punk!


Sebadoh - (11 Minute Spoken Wank Courtesy Of Lou's Ego)

This is one of the uncredited tracks on the afore mentioned "Soul And Fire" ep....

It just has to be listened too to be honest.... They used to play this before they came on stage in the early(ish) days... It's like an 11 minute radio ad...

I Love It.

Visit - Sebadoh

Visit - Sebadoh @ Domino

Visit - Sebadoh @ Sub Pop

Visit - Possibly The Greatest Label of All Time... Domino Records

I guess by now you've realised I love this band.....

Now please buy lots of their records... You won't be disappointed.



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