Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Villa Straylight

I promise I'll post a track tomorrow (well, later today!)... Honest!

But for now you have to get yourself over to The Villa Straylight,

they've (He, She, Them? Don't know!) got two of the best tracks I've heard by someone I've never heard of before (if you know what I mean),

I don't really know how to describe them to be honest, I guess the closest I can get is Beautifully Twisted Lo-Fi Folk... but somehow that doesn't do them justice.

Anyway the name of the band is Cocorosie...

And I'm off to buy everything I can find by them...

I stumbled across this blog checking my referral things and noticed

they'd posted some crap on there by someone who calls himself Empire State Human... Bah!



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