Friday, August 13, 2004

Simply Skidoo

23 Skidoo - Coup

Originally released on 12" in 1984 on Illuminated Records, 'Coup' has become famous for having 'that' bassline. Ah yes those pesky Chemical Brothers who nicked it wholesale and replayed it so leaving the Skidoo's without any royalties and winning a Grammy in the process. Block Rockin Beats indeed.

All you need to know about 23 Skiddo is here. Revise.

Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities

Before Coldplay took the mantle of ceremony and pomp there was a little known stadium outfit from Scotland who had a song in a Molly Ringwald film called The Breakfast Club. Don't You Forget About Me. I wouldn't dare. Anyway this song was before they did all that and is in a word, ace. Recorded in 1982 (and who said the 80's was a dearth for music?) Theme For Great Cities is fresh, futuristic and err slightly majestic. Ah just download and have a listen, it's Friday morning and there's tea and toast to be woofed...

LP to get is New Gold Dream by the way.

Visit - Simple Minds

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