Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm Never Bored, I Steal Your Chords...

Adam And The Antz - Zerox

Ahhh! This takes me back....

This is the A-Side to one of my favourite 7" singles of all time with Whip In My Valise on the flip, and was my introduction to the world of Adam And The Antz in '79.

Although 25 years old now, this still sounds bloody great, along with the fact that it's been packaged with Dirk Wears White Sox... (an album that to this day is still in my top 5, and another contender for greatest debut album... Ever!) I thought I'd post it.

This single and the Album featured (along with Adam obviously) Matthew Ashman, Andy Warren and Dave Barbarossa, all to be snaffled by Malcolm McClaren to form Bow Wow Wow...

But was Adam to be discouraged.. No siree!

He put a new band together and discovered warpaint... the rest is history

'78 - '79 was my favourite period though....

Visit - Adam Ant

Ant Music For Sex People.... Indeed.


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