Monday, August 23, 2004

Monster Bobby

Add N to (X) feat. Fat Truckers - Monster Bobby

Once upon a time (before Tiga) there was a small cabaret band called Add N to (X) who were teetering on the brink of hitting it big time with the sleazy-porno romp of 'Plug Me In'. In their charge were some young(ish) street urchins, responsible for a mini crime-wave on the dog stained streets of old Sheffield. They were loud, raucous, grubby behind the knees and very funny. They were of course, Fat Truckers and who could have predicted that in one years time they would single-handedly change the musical landscape forever.

Superbike, Ron Is Back and the rest were simply germs at this time, Teenage Daughter was yet to be pressed on vinyl but in the charge of their sugar-daddies the scuzzy glambeat of 'Monster Bobby' came to fruition. Here was a first snatched glimpse of what was to be and how it could sound. It was heavy, it was dirty and it made you want to take a shower with all your clothes still on. Thank fuck for Fat Truckers and may you forever R.I.P

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