Friday, August 20, 2004

Snappy Bouffant

Shampoo - Bouffant Headbutt

Brash, shouty, sweary punk pop...

This was Shampoo's second single from 1993, and it had a great sleeve too.

I remember seeing them around the time of this single (just before I think) and being really impressed by the amount of energy and fun they seemed to have... All jumpy shouty smiley stuff but with an arrogance and self belief in what they were doing was better than what anyone else was, and for a short time I guess they were right.

I didn't see them again but I'm pretty sure that about a year or so later they had lost that spark and gone a bit more poppy and had a big hit with Trouble, and after that seemed to drop the punky side almost completely...

But for about 40 minutes in 1993 I thought they were more punk than Green Day and all the others put together... and seemed to have a lot more fun doing it too.

And why not.

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BS2000 - The Scrappy

This track is taken from Amery "Awol" Smith and the Beasties Ad-Rock's 2000 single "Buddy" on Grand Royal Records and features the mixing talents of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy, collectively known as The DFA

This track is just so bloody good, its fun, it sounds great and it has one of the best ending of any record.... Ever!

It was released the following year on the excellent Simply Mortified long player, well worth buying.

God bless Casio.

Visit - BS2000

Clickety Click Time

Strangely Familiar

An excellent Mash-Up, Bootleg (whatever you want to call them) site with loads of exclusive tracks and info.

Say hi to RadioQuita & The Moist Towelettes for me....

Shake It!

20 Jazz Funk Greats is an excellent new blog well worth checking out, so far they've posted tracks by Michael Nyman, Neu, Franz Ferdinand, Throbbing Gristle (who the blog is named after) and an excellent track from Munk amongst others.



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