Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Sonic Youth - Ca Plane Pour Moi

A bit of lovely noisy pop fun for today.

Plastic Bertrand did the original back in '77,

Sonic Youth (one of my all time faves!) took it and did their thing all over it... squalling guitars all over the place...

This tune can be found on the Freedom of Choice compilation,

which was a tribute to old New Wave artists done by new New Wave artists... but seeing as it was released in 1992 I guess the new New Wave bands aren't that new anymore... (are there enough New's for you in that sentence?)

On a side note check out The Damned's song Jet Boy, Jet Girl...(B-side of Wait For The Blackout released in 1982)

Identical in every way apart from the lyrics.

Visit - Sonic Youth

Visit - Plastic Bertrand

Thanks to the Cap'n over at Cap'n McKenna's Maritime Memories for the pointer to the Bertrand info.

Special thanks to Douglas over at Lacunae for posting a link to one of his playlists on the wonderful WFMU,

There's the original and 9 different versions of it here,

Ca Plane pour Moi versions (not surprisingly I think The Headcoatees is my favourite) make an appearance at the hour mark...

but don't skip through you'll miss some real gems from Can, Department S and Trans-Am amongst others.

Thanks again guys.



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