Monday, August 02, 2004

Gedge's Dalliance With Crusoe

Cinerama - Crusoe

The other day Jeff over at Looking Askance Since '63 posted White Horses by Jackie Lee, which is possibly the greatest T.V. theme tune of all time... which got me thinking (yeah, I Know!) about what other great themes there had been, and I settled on The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Robert Mellin as being my second favourite of all time, coincidentally another dubbed to English kids show from the same era...
Anyway, this is a tune by the great Cinerama which uses the theme to great effect.. with some beautiful lyrics... (David Gedge is in my opinion a vastly underrated songwriter... who got me through many a tough time (usually self induced it has to be said) in my teens).
This was originally released as the b-side of the Dance Girl, Dance 7" in 1998,
but those nice people at Cooking Vinyl repackaged the hard to find first four singles into the great This Is Cinerama CD.

Visit - Cinerama

and that led me to this....

The Wedding Present - Dalliance

There's not much to say about The Wedding Present really, apart from the fact that they were and still are one of my favourite bands... and always will be.
As I said above, I think David Gedge is a fantastic songwriter... but add to that Steve Albini's production and you get (in my opinion of course!) one of the best albums ever recorded.... Seamonsters, here packaged with a bonus 7 tracks.
Dalliance is the opening track from the album, and was also the first single taken from it in 1991.
Turn this one up very very loud...
Then go and buy the album.

Visit and buy lots of stuff - The Wedding Present @ Cinerama
Visit - Wedding Present Fan Site
And for ex-members of the Weddoes...
Visit - The Ukrainians
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