Thursday, August 12, 2004

Big fish, small fish, microwave oven

Acid Mix '01 - Keycentre

For all you 'Second Summer Of Love' party people out there let's go back to 1988 and Rave On. It's Acid House time and here's a ropey old mix where 16 Acid classics are ham-fisted into each other for the desired effect of making an hour of music pass in minutes (err 60 of them). Music non-stop. Anyway it has its moments but don't we all.

The mp3 has been encoded at 128kbps in mono to make the filesize smaller, still 27MB so non Acid fans with small pipes steer clear! This mix was originally made for Tokyo based Internet radio station


Armando - Let There Be House

Mr. Lee - The Art Of Acid

Maurice Joshua - I Got A Big Dick

Armando - Downfall

Lidell Townsend - I'll Make You Dance

Jack Frost - Acid Man

Der Warsaw - That Shits Wild

Pierre - Box Energy

Phuture - Spank Spank

Laurin X - Machines

Adonis - Two The Max

Mike Hitman Wilson - Bango Acid

Johnny Fiasco - Phantoms

Robert Owens - Living In A Land

Phuture Phantasy Club - Dream Girls

Phuture - Got The Bug

While we're mixtaping it up if anyone wants to hear how it should be done? Go here and help yourself to Ed DMX's mix. Turn it up and 'Butcher your bins' as someone once said!


Sorry guys and gals, had to take it off line due to it's massivity (?).

If anyone still fancies a copy drop me a line and I'll sort you out...




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