Monday, August 09, 2004

Beware, beware, a silver dagger

Dolly Parton - Silver Dagger

As a fellow child of the southern Appalachians I have never known a time in my life without Dolly. I was immersed in her from such an early age that when I look back on my growing up all I can see is a cyclone of platinum wigs, hoe-downs and heartache. Of course like anything so dominant you reach a stage where you have to break free. For me it was like a beautiful perfume that has been applied one too many times masking reality so I left the mountains, moved to the city and the rest as they say is history…

That was until this Christmas. I had just moved into a new house, with a blow-up bed on the living room floor, coffee mugs for champagne and an old radio propped by the empty fireplace. The last ten years had been practically Dolly free and I had tried not to give her a second thought,but then it happened...

"Don't sing love songs... "

It was ‘Silver Dagger’, one of the most beautiful, heart-rending and affecting songs I had ever heard and who else but Dolly could sing such a haunting tale with that much passion and gravity.

Suffice to say, Dolly and I are back together again now and for you dear reader here is the song that formed our reunion.

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