Monday, August 09, 2004

Bastard Blues...

Mclusky - Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues

Brilliant, Messed up, Twisted.... This song only just manages to keep it together with singer(?)/guitarist Andy Falkous sounding more Manic than pretty much any other person in the world... Ever!!!

Mclusky got together in 1999 and released this (their 5th single) in 2001 on the quite frankly superb Too Pure label.

It's also the opening track on the their second Steve Albini produced album Mclusky Do Dallas, which every single person who's reading this that doesn't own it should rectify that right now...

Visit - Mclusky

And if there's still someone out there who hasn't seen Sweary Kittens over at Rather Good, it's well worth a visit.

Penthouse - Voyeur's Blues


Killer Riff!

there's only one rule in the Penthouse.... Distort Everything.

Here's a couple of quotes from Kerrang...

"If Ed Gein, Leatherface from 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' and the hog shagging freaks from 'Deliverence' were to pick up some cheap Fenders and form a band, then it would sound like this."

"It soon becomes clear that we're witnessing possibly the most deranged band in the UK right now. Like the Jesus Lizard before them,, Penthouse take the traditional art of playing the blues, twist and contort it until it's barely recognisable, then perform it as aggressively as possible. Rock 'n' roll doesn't get more insane than this."

All True.

This is the opening track from 1997's excellent Gutter Erotica album.

Sadly if I remember correctly they split up a year or so back... Not entirely sure though,

so if anyone has any info I'd be most grateful.

Visit - Penthouse

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