Monday, August 30, 2004

Beck Gets A Tattoo...

Beck - Fume

This was part of a number of tracks that Beck recorded at "Poop Alley Studios" (L.A.) in '93-'94 which featured some of my favourite of his tunes, other songs from the sessions of note were Totally Con(Kun)Fused, Girl Of My Dreams, Steve Threw Up and Got(Pay) No Mind... he changed a few of the titles here and there.

The songs from these sessions have turned up on various releases including the "A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight" l.p., the Stereopathetic Soulmanure l.p., the Beercan e.p. and Fume was released on the Loser 7" and cd single.

In my opinion Beck always seemed to work best with a band recording pretty much live in the studio.... either doing the lo-fi grungey stuff like Fume or the really nice lo-fi songs like Totally Confused.

Visit - Beck

Gang of Four - Tattoo (Quiet Guy Mix)

Everybody's heard of Gang of Four in relation to The Rapture, Radio 4 etc, and pretty sure everyone has heard Entertainment from 1978... so I thought I'd post a track from 1995.

This is a remix of the single that also featured on the Shrinkwrapped l.p. and was available on the cd single.

Anyway, I'm not too sure about this remix, I think I prefer the original version, but seeing as that's readily available on the album I thought I'd post this instead.

Visit - Gang of Four

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