Friday, August 27, 2004

Marvelous Marvin's Faith Healing

Marvin Gaye - I Wish It Would Rain

I guess everybody knows everything there is to know about Marvin Gaye so I won't bore you with any trivia... Straight to the song!

This is the b-side of the massive hit Let's Get It On from 1973 but first appeared on the album That's the Way Love Is released in 1970 (here packaged with MPG from 1969).

Unfortunately I don't have the cd with it on so I'm afraid you're stuck with my old crackly 7" (rest assured that I'm going to order it now though!).

I Wish It Would Rain was originally recorded by the wonderful Temptations, but here is sped up and given the Marvin Gaye groovy treatment... Hope you like it.

Visit - Marvin @ Motown

Th' Faith Healers - The People

Th' Faith Healers formed in 1990 and sadly split in 1994... but not before recording a couple of great albums and several singles for the excellent Too Pure label along with five Peel sessions.

This track is taken from their final long player offering Imaginary Friend.

Once they finally split Tom Cullinan went on to form Quickspace Supersport... nowadays just shortened to Quickspace

Visit - Th' Faith Healers

Visit - Quickspace @ Southern Records

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