Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Where is Utopia is where?

Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity/Utopia-Me Giorgio

Giogio Moroder is truly a renaissance man, the Leonardo of modern times perhaps. He is an Academy Award winning composer and producer, he is a digital artist and the maker of ground breaking short films, he has produced artists as diverse as Barbra Streisand, Blondie, Van Halen and Phil Oakey. He pretty much invented modern dance music with 'I Feel Love' with Donna Summer. Oh and he's designed and built a performance super-car.

This download is actually two tracks melded together from Giorgio's 'Here to Eternity' LP with meticulous pause-button accuracy by my friend Dom. What you get is the title track and also 'Utopia-Me Giorgio' in total over 11 minutes of Giorgio. What are you waiting for? this is the best 10MB you will ever download!

Visit - Giorgio Moroder


Anonymous said...

Ah nostalgia! 1979 hello again. Just left home, working in a shoe shop, new found interest in disco and boys. Thanks Spoilt Victorian Child (what's that all about?) for reminding me of being young and foolish.


Loki said...

great moroder track..i'm gonna spend the new 3 weeks getting the kids to mime to all the vocodered reason..i just like turning small children into future-bot automatons....

great blog as always, rapidly becoming my favourite...

And anonymous...shame on you for not knowing where Spoilt Victorian Child gets their name from?

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Think I might post the Spoilt Victorian Track later in the week... might clear a few things up :)
Thanks to Rowche Rumble (theres another one i might have to post...) and Dom for this track, great choice again.
And Loki, thanks a lot, youve got a pretty damn hot site there yourself.
Love the Coil track.



John said...

I came back around and listened to this recently and am totally blown away.
Great find, only now I gotta get more!