Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Remember Soul...

British Sea Power - Remember Me

This is the original 7" version released in 2001, which I reckon is far better than the re-recorded version on The Decline of British Sea Power, although it is a really good album, kind of reminds me of a cross between The Fan and the Bellows era Chameleons (especially Nostalgia... kind of ties in with Remember Me too) and Joy Division... well sort of anyway!!!

Sadly both the original 7" and CD single are no longer readily available, hence this post.

Visit - British Sea Power

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Soul Drums

This ones for fans of full on soul action... mad drumming alert!!!

Basically Pretty Purdie is one of the most recorded (and sampled) drummers in the world, he's played with BB King, Aretha Franklin, Al Kooper, King Kurtis and a whole host of others... including... erm... Michael Bolton and Hall & Oats though.... never mind eh!

regardless of that give it a listen... it's bloody good.

This song is taken from the Excellent album Soul Drums (Featuring Funky Donkey) released in 1968, as far as I know its never seen the light of day on CD though.

Visit - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie


Just as an afterthought heres the Chameleons track from 1981 that sounds a bit like the British Sea Power track.

The Chameleons - Nostalgia

Hope you like them all.... and remember, it's ok to leave comments, I wont bite....

well probably not!




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DooM, with just a hint of colour

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Damn Goths get everywhere!!! :)
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