Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Spoilt Victorian Child Unzips Himself.....

Hi All,

I'm going to be using unzipped MP3's from now on as I know a lot of people won't download zip files,

Hope it doesn't get too hectic, just have to see how it goes I guess.

fingers crossed.

And now for a bit of shameless whoring... (well why not eh!)

Low - I Remember (Empire State Human Mix)

This is a Mix of the alternate version of I Remember (found on the b-side of the Immune 7", sadly out of print.... but the good news is that its going to be available on the lovely box set A Lifetime of Temporary Relief).

I originaly recorded this for a Low tribute album (Learning To Fly) I'm helping the lovely Emily put together over on the Low List, it's only going to be available to people on the list sadly, even if I say so myself there's some great versions on there... The Crying Room (featuring Starfire singing Starfire, a song Low wrote about him), The Dudley Corporation Jamie Barnes, first.class.airline. amongst many others.

I Might (if the Artists allow) post the odd one up here in the future though.

Empire State Human - Roxy (Put on The Red Light)

This is a mix I did using the Fat Truckers song Roxys and some studio tapes of Laurel Aitken.

The Fat Truckers sadly aren't with us any more but various members are as busy as ever... Ben and his mate Henry from Grand Central Records who records under

the name Riton have started 'The Gucci Soundsystem' and have a club night every thursday at Gossips in Soho aswell as DJ slots with DFA in New York (Lucky Beggar) and the odd Euro Festival and Ross is happily producing M.I.A.s new album along with Richard X.

Buy - Fat Truckers For Sale

Buy - Riton - Beats Du Jour

Hope you like my efforts... if not feel free to give me a slagging.

Take Care



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