Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Ceremonial Eye Gouge...

New Order - Ceremony
This is the original version released in January 1981, and not the re-recorded one they did when Gillian joined the band later the same year in September.
I know virtually the whole world has heard Ceremony (probably... Hopefully!), but this version hasn't been re-released at all as far as I know whereas the Gillian version is the one that always ends up on compilations e.t.c.
I think I prefer this version, although not quite as punchy as the later version, it has a certain roughness about it I really like.
Sorry about the crackles... It's been played a lot over the last 23 years...

Visit - Full Factory Discography

Related Note - Jude Law has been lined up to play Ian Curtis in an upcoming film based on the stunning book Touching from a Distance written by Ian's widow Deborah.
personally I think that Sean Harris who played Ian in 24 Hour Party People would be a great choice seeing as he did an amazing job in it, although I guess he might think he's been typecast, and the producers might want to distance themselves from any previous portrayal...
It's going to be really tough for anyone following Sean Harris though.
Read More About It Here

The Novas - The Crusher
I know absolutely nothing about The Novas apart from they were from Minneapolis, and this was recorded as a tribute to a local wrestler "The Crusher".
This grimy bit of Rockabilly was recorded in 1964, that's the sum total of my knowledge about them which is on the back of my Rockabilly Psychosis L.P. (available here on C.D.)
Any further info most welcome.
You might want to check out The Cramps version on Off the Bone... I love a bit of early Cramps, oh yes!


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