Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ain't Got No Rocket...

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No / I Got Life

Yesterday Sean over at the wonderful Said The Gramophone blog posted a track by Fairport Convention, which I'd only heard the Nina simone version of... so that set me off rooting out all my Nina Simone records.... and a good time was had by all... well there was only me, but you get the idea.

I thought I'd go for one of her more up-tempo tunes, and this grooves.

This is Nina's version of the song from "Hair" the musical... but don't let that put you off.

The song starts of about all the things she doesn't have, but then really picks up and starts moving, it also has one of the best lines ever written in "I've got my boobies".... Brilliant.

Very Sadly Nina died last year, but not without leaving us over 40 years worth of beautiful music.

You can honestly buy any of her albums and not be disappointed, but a good starting point is the Gold double C.D. best of compilation.

Visit - Nina Simone Official Site

Air - Surfing On A Rocket (Zongamin Mix)

I much prefer this to the original to be honest, It can be found on the Surfing on a Rocket E.P.

I like the original version, but Zongamin (real name Susumu Mukai) just adds a completely different vibe to it.... but then I really like virtually all his work so I'm probably a bit biased.

If you're interested in hearing more of Zongamin's work you can't go wrong with getting his debut album called... Erm!... Zongamin.

Visit - Zongamin @ XL Records


Just noticed Sean's posted a Nina Simone track too...

That'll teach to write my blog without checking any others.

Sorry Sean.

And Again...

Matthew over at Fluxblog has posted an Air track....


I might just be having one of Them days Eh!

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