Thursday, July 15, 2004

Pack Jammed

Balil - Choke and Fly

A couple of early electronic records today to get you hot under the collar or perhaps to pop your collar if you are that way inclined... Released on 12" on the Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART 2.2) label in 1992, 'Choke and Fly' has all the hallmarks of the Black Dog/Plaid sound. Lush strings, precarious beats and irregular noises and squeaks. One to get is definitely The Black Dog 'Bytes' LP Warp LP008

Visit - Early Plaid interview

Future/Past - Jam Packed

Also here's a track by Kirk Degiorgio under his Future/Past moniker. This track has cropped up on a couple of compilations over the years including R&S Records 'In Order To Dance' 5x12" in 94. Considering it's over 10 years old it still packs quite a punch. Kirk is currently working with legendary Godfather of Techno Juan Atkins.

Visit - Kirk Degiorgio

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