Monday, July 12, 2004

Lord, Can You Hear The Revolution?

Ahhh!!! Spacemen 3,

Need i say More?

Here's a couple of excellent cover versions.

Low - Lord, Can You Hear Me (Live)

This is the sound of a sublime band doing a sublime version of a sublime song...

If like me you're looking forward to the release of the wonderfully priced and lavish box set A Lifetime of Temporary Relief on the 19th (next Monday), then this might keep you going till then.

It was recorded at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver on 28.10.98, and the gig is one of the best Low live recordings i've heard.

The studio version of the song (which was recorded for "A Tribute to Spacemen 3" released in 1998, available from Rocket Girl Records) is going to be on the box set so i guessed since that you're all going to be buying it anyway i'd give you a different version.

Now really treat yourself and (if you haven't already) buy the whole Low back catalogue.

Visit - Low

Mudhoney - Revolution

This was the b-side to 1998's This Gift 12", and wonderful it is too.

Mudhoney effortlessly manage to make this sound like one of their own songs, although they did change some of the lyrics to reflect Sonic Boom's smack habit, who responded with a Spacemen 3 version of Mudhoney's When Tomorrow Hits.... Handbags at dawn!!!

Revolution is also available on the lovely double CD March to Fuzz

Play Very Loud...

Visit - Mudhoney @ Sub-Pop

Visit - Spacemen 3


RSL said...

simon, once more you rock! great low track. i just hope i'm not [er, the spookihaus isn't] gonna be competing with you for the title of low info provider. 'cause it'd be "battle royale", fo' sho'!

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Just re-read that and it doesnt make any sense!!!

What i meant to say was, a big thanks RSL,
theres more Low tie in stuff coming tomorrow....
but at a guess id say you've already heard it from
the lovely list...
I hope were not going to rumble... :)
You (i mean Spookihaus... :) ) have been doing a great job with Low info... and everything else on your site... nice one, very much appreciated.