Saturday, July 17, 2004

Psycho Jack Eats Sugar Lumps...

Just a couple of quickies for the weekend...

Have a good one.



The Hentchmen & Jack White - Psycho Daisies

This is a storming cover of the Jeff Beck era Yardbirds Song.

It's available on the B-Side of The Hentchmen's "Some Other Guy" 7" from 1998 on Italy Records.

Although the Yardbirds Version is great, this just sounds a lot rawer, maybe due to the Hentchmen's love of crunchy party garage rock... or possibly Jack's great guitar sound....

Either way it's well worth a listen.

Visit - The Hentchmen

The Smoke - My Friend Jack

Now for a slice of 60's British Psyche Mod Pop....

This is from The Smoke's first 7" back in 1967 on Columbia, great distorted tremelo guitar... this song got instantly banned for singing about eating sugar lumps (very popular way of ingesting acid), Nice.

It' also available on the My Friend Jack compilation CD (if you can find it anywhere).

I don't know whats happened to them since they split up, (probably reformed and doing cabaret in Germany right now...) but whatever they're doing good luck to them.

Visit - The Smoke @ A Psyche Fansite Type Thing


Dana said...

I'm going to make a career of mentioning cover versions of songs you post here :)

Seriously, though, there's a really cute version of My Friend Jack done by a band called Death By Chocolate. Imagine the song being recited by the primmest english schoolgirl you can imagine.

It's great to get to hear the original. Thanks! You're rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Cheers Mystical Beast,
I've never heard of there ever being a version of it....
Sounds interesting, Death By Chocolate sounds familiar...
But maybe i've just got cake on my mind... yum!
Thanks for the pointer and the compliment.

All The Best