Friday, July 16, 2004

You'll Get A Cold If You Don't Wrap up Warm While Walking Round On Aircraft Wings....

Fog - Pneumonia

Not to be confused with J.Mascis' bunch, this is the work of one Andrew Broder.

This is taken from his excellent album Fog on the lovely Ninja Tune label.

His style can be best described as a lo-fi folky hip-hop, possibly a bit early Beckish, but i feel this has a bit more about it and a bit more soul, which is always nice, and he loves his girlfriend... nuf said.

Also check out the great Coldcut mix on the 12" or CD single.

Visit - Fog @ Ninja Tune

Shellac - Wingwalker

This is possibly my favourite Shellac track, although the new Radio Song they've been playing live lately is up there with it.

This is the B-side of Doris their second 7" release lovingly titled "Uranus" (Shellac Record #2 strangely enough)on Touch And Go.

Not too much to say about this really...Just download, listen, strap your air guitar round your waist and do the "drinking bird" dance, and enjoy.

Visit - Shellac @ Southern Records

Visit - Fan Site With Loads of Links


Loki said...

loved the shellac track - I agree; one of their best... BTW, sorry for nicking some of your design for my blog...I just loved the look of that Amazon bar and had to have it... hope you're not too pissed

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

No problem at all....
You've got some really good choices up there...
Wish id put the Slits up there... :)
And agreed on the Shellac track, (funniest moments in Rock & Roll history Part 1) the last time i saw them they played this and in the bit in the middle where they all pretend to be airplanes and Steve does his metaphores for life talk...(can last up to 5 mins sometimes) someone from the side of the stage shouted out "just play the fucking song Steve"... Steve's reply was "This IS the song cunthole"... my how we all laughed!
Possibly one of the funniest and entertaining live bands around.
Can't wait for the next release to hear a studio verion of The Radio Song....