Monday, July 19, 2004

A Beginners Guide To Simian

Well for today I thought id post a few tracks by one of my favorite bands...

So here goes.

First Album, Track 1

Simian - Drop And Roll

This was my first introduction to Simian on the Chemistry Is What We Are Album from 2001.

The lovely overcompressed sound and the overall feel of this song got me hooked the first time I heard it.

Remixing Themselves

Simian - Never Be Alone (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)

Squelchy Electronics.... Lovely.

Simian Mobile Disco is the monika they use when they (you guessed it) DJ.

You used to be able to hire them out to do parties and club night and such... not sure if you still can though!

Second Album, Track 1

Simian - LA Breeze

This is taken from their Second Album We Are Your Friends from 2002.

This album has an altogether poppier feel, but in a strangeish way.

A bit more jaunty and fun I guess is a way to compare it to the first Album.

Remixing Others

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Simian Mix)

I love their remixes, always kind of make them totally different, but without ruining the song.

This is an Excellent mix of an already great song, I never thought I'd hear a version of this song that was better than the original... till this came out.

Well that's my very brief introduction to the world of Simian over with, if it seems a bit thin on info, have no fear.....visit Rachel's link at the bottom, there's more info there than you can shake a stick at.

Visit - Simian

Visit - Rachel @ Go_Simian (This is an excellent Fan-Site endorsed by the band, chocka full of videos and other goodies)


Anonymous said...

pretty much sold on simian but the remix of fsol i absolute hate with a vengeance it destroys an absolute classic.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

I guessed the FSOL remix wont be to everyones liking, like you said... the original is a real classic, but i kind of like the way they've stripped it right down and turned it into a seperate song, almost completely detached from the the source material...
I think the best way to think about this type of remix is to not compare it to the original as its been changed so much, but think of it as a new song....
and to me it sounds great.
Each to their own though.

Check this out

Didn't like it at first...
But it's a bit of a grower.



P.s. anyone know how to turn html on in these replys...
saves copy and pasting.