Thursday, July 15, 2004

Shake Emma's Coconuts.... (sorry!)

Hot Chocolate - Emma

Nowadays when you think of Hot Chocolate i bet all you can think of is You Sexy Thing from The Full Monty film... or even worse, Prince Charles doing that stupidly embarassing dance in the dole office with some of the cast.... ugh!!!

But once upon a time they acctualy wrote some damn fine songs, Emma being my favourite.

It was originaly released in 1974, and was the start of their long run of hit singles.

Its possibly one of the saddest songs ive ever heard... and believe me ive heard a few, it deals with the hopes, dreams and love of a young couple... and ultimatley the suicide of Emma,

"it was a cold and dark December night, when i opened up the bedroom door, to find her lying still and cold upon the bed,

a love letter lying on the bedroom floor... it read..."

Just give it a listen... it's beautiful, but so sad.

Buy - The Essential Collection

Junior Senior - Shake your Coconuts (DFA Mix)

Im pretty sure the whole world and his dog have posted this track before...

(can't remember seeing it though!)

But just in case theres someone out there missed it....

Junior Senior have been supposedly the next big thing for a while now... but to be honest they're not not my cuppa, but this however is just excellent...

DFA have scraped away most traces of Junior Senior and turned it into a Disco Punk classic, just great beats (including the obligatory DFA cowbells and disco pows!!!) and driving funky twangy bass, bits of feedback, scratchy guitars and very little else... storming stuff.

Visit - Junior Senior

Edit - Get yourselves over to The Suburbs Are Killing Us, He's got lots of Betty Boo and The Beatmasters stuff to listen to...

Boomania was the very first CD I bought.... Ahhh!


Anonymous said...

Emma : ))


Anonymous said...

Urge Overkill did a pretty good, pretty straight cover of Emma on their Supersonic Storybook album. Worth checking out. They renamed it slightly.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Might have to see if i can track that one down,
thanks for the tip Anon.


Anonymous said...

I was possibly eight or nine when I heard this. Although I probably was not old enough to understand all of the lyrics, I knew it was about something that was very sad. I think I knew it was something to do with some one dying, a sence of and a sence of loss.