Friday, July 30, 2004

New Jack Schwing

Oh my god I think i'm having a Rap Attack! Here's a collection of Electro/New Jack Swing/Synth/Disco to keep you occupied over the weekend, oh and I want everyone able to jackhammer by Monday or else.

Whodini - Magic's Wand

Ah Whodini thankyou for fusing R&B with electro and rap and giving us New Jack Swing. Rappers Jalil Hutchins and John "Ecstasy" Fletcher and the legendary DJ Drew "Grandmaster Dee" Carter made some fantastic good-humored songs in the early 80's such as 'The Haunted House Of Rock' produced by none other than Thomas Dolby and todays featured song 'Magic's Wand', the first rap song to feature an accompanying video. How about that?

Visit - New Jack Swing 4 Ever

Bell Biv Devoe - Poison

Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ron DeVoe, better known as BBD a.k.a. BELL BIV DeVOE like Whodini bridged the gap between hip-hop and R&B to great success. An offshoot of the hugely popular 80's vocal group New Edition, (Booby Brown?) Bell Biv Devoe and producers Jam and Lewis applied harder beats, sexier rhymes and an overall funkier, dare I say 'flava' and stormed the charts with the massive 'Poison'. So let's all get our oversize dungarees out and do the running man.

Visit - Bell Biv Devoe

Freeze - I.O.U 12"

Yes here it is the full length 8:42 mix of I.O.U.

I'm sure big bearded Arthur Baker hand a hand in producing this 80's disco/electro classic, don't know much else about this band except that they were signed to Beggars Banquet. Reminds me of school discos trying to bodypop, drinking a mouthful of cider and pretending to be drunk and wearing a luminous Ghostbusters t-shirt. How cool was I? Not very...

Nitro Deluxe - Let's Get Brutal 12"

'Brutal with the millimeter' what on earth is that all about? Is that what is even said? I've always sang along to this track saying that. This is producer Aldo Marin's greatest moment and here's the full seven minutes of it. Lush.

Visit - A to Z of Electro

I don't really know why i'm posting this song other than in my search for some 'New Jack Swing' I happened across it on my hard drive and thought i'd give it a listen. Last night much red wine was drunk and hearing this song first thing in the morning with a slight muddiness behind the eyes is nothing if not torture. Enjoy...

Tomita - Ballet Of The Chicks In Their Shells

Wendy Carlos' seminal synthesizer milestone 'Switched-On Bach' was such an influence on Isao Tomita that he went out straight away and bought his very first Moog. Wendy Carlos was born Walter Carlos but underwent a sex-change operation in the late 60's. She now is a solar eclipse buff and she travels the world photographing them. Back to this crazy Tomita song taken from the 'Pictures At An Exhibition' LP in 1975. Close your eyes, turn it up loud and imagine this on repeat with a king-kong hangover holiday. Murder.

Visit - Tomita

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