Sunday, July 11, 2004

Múm's Gone To Iceland...

Thanks again for all the kind messages I've recieved, sorry if i havent answered yours... also sorry if any messages got bumped back to you, wasnt able to check my mail very often and it got jammed up sometime last week... all clear now though.

And thanks to my good good friend Rowche, without whom....



Today i thought id post a couple of tracks from Iceland....

Here's some facts,

Iceland is big.

Window breaking is popular.

Bjork is from Iceland.

The legal age of sexual consent is 14.

Iceland won the Cod War with a little boat with a machine gun on it.

Most Icelanders like movies and pizzas.

Beer was banned until 1989.

Iceland does not permit the import of cheese.

The Icelandic pony is the only horse in Iceland, it has proportionally the largest genitalia of any horse in the world.

So there you go...

Múm - Weeping Rock, Rock

Múm, if you havent heard them before you really are missing out on one of the most beautiful sounding bands around.

This is taken from their new album Summer Make Good, try and get your hands on the limited edition which is beautifully packaged within a hard bound book... lovely.

Can i also recommend the album finally We Are No One

Visit - Múm

BOTNLEÐJA - Flug 666

A change of pace, a change of style...

This is one of the many great tracks from the Magnyl long player (1998 on Error Music)

Although BOTNLEÐJA (Icelandic for Silt, which they were formaly known as outside of Iceland) are still brilliant, especially live...(Check out the maddest drummer in the world!!!), i really prefer this album, which was more than fleshed out with the noises from Kristin, who's now working under the name Unsound and signed to Moshi Moshi.

BOTNLEÐJA'S latest album Iceland National Park is more than worth checking out though.

Visit - Trust Me Records

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