Friday, July 09, 2004

8 for Friday!

Simon is back today so for my last post for a while I thought i'd leave you with a few Dancehall, Ska and Reggae tracks. There are some old favourites and four recentish Dancehall ones aswell. If you only have a slow connection may I recommend to you the Tenor Saw classic 'Golden Hen' and Sizzla's rowdy 'To The Top' one of the best tracks to use the Baghdad Rhythm which you may recognise from R Kelly's 'Snake'. Bye for now, Rowche x

Dr. Alimantado - Mary Lou

With added vocals by Jimmy London on the Impact label, this record is lush. Also one to get is the classic 'Best Dressed Chicken in Town' LP recorded in Lee Perry’s then-new Black Ark Studio.

Visit - Dr. Alimantado biography

The Potato 5 - Western Special

Nine piece ska/rocksteady band Potato 5 have had both Laurel Aitken and Floyd Lloyd as vocalists. This was their first single on Gaz's Rocking Blues/Stiff Records in 1986.

Visit - Potato 5 (In French)

Laurel Aitken - More Whiskey

Laurel is quite rightly the undisputed 'Godfather of Ska'. He was the first Jamaican artist to have an impact on Britain, epitomizing and popularizing the new Jamaican Bluesbeat back in the early 60's.

Visit - Laurel Aitken

Tenor Saw - Golden Hen

Both 'Ring The Alarm' (Stalag 17 rhythm) and 'Golden Hen' have gone on to become massive Dancehall classics. Sadly Tenor Saw was killed in a car accident in 1988 but his influence has been very far reaching as he was one of the first to use digital techniques.

Visit - Tenor Saw biography

And Four Dancehall 7's

Sizzla - To The Top (Baghdad Rhythm) - Stone Love Music

Cecile - Lift me Up ( Tai Chi Rhythm) - B-Rich Records

Chuck Fender - Watching Me - Fat Eyes Records

Elephant Man, Bugle - Mentally Ill (Trample rhythm) - Guess Who Records


Anonymous said...

Please Please Please reset the link for the Tenor Saw - GOLDEN HEN track. This track is summer gold. I need to hear it as soon as electronically possible. Don't make my summer dark and gloomy. Please reply when the link is up again!! Danke.

Rowche said...

Hi, The link works fine to me... if still having problems try this:

Anonymous said...

Got 'em. I don't know what type of black magic you're into to work it out but keep it up. Sounds as nice as the weather outside. Irie..

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Think that might have been me accidentally deleting the file, but uploaded it again once id noticed...