Friday, July 02, 2004

Four for Friday

The Workhouse - Ricketts

Released on the fantastic 'Great Pop Supplement' dedicated to releasing intricate hand packaged and annoyingly limited (111 copies each) releases, 'Ricketts' is stuffed with atmospheric grandeur. Imagine Mogwai hanging out with Slowdive down the park with Ride on the swings. It rises gently over 6 minutes (33rpm) with delicate guitar atmospherics before a grand old ending that kicks you in the pills.

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David Essex - Rock On

'Rock On' was David Essex's first UK No. 1 single 25 years ago, it went Gold in the US getting top 5, was nominated for a Grammy and was one of John Lennon's favourite records. Guess who played the amazing bass on Rock On? Herbie 'Walk on the Wild Side' Flowers. Herbie Flowers has a nice name and this is dead ace!

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Alozade and Hollow Point feat. Mr. Vegas - Under Mi Sensi (Clappas)

Without a doubt the best 'Clappas' rhythm track from the 2002 Greensleeves Rhythm Album Number 35 is Alozade and Hollow Point featuring Mr.Vegas with a update of the Sleng Teng classic "Under Mi Sensi". This is an absolute dancefloor smash produced by Florida's hottest dancehall production team the South Rakkas Crew.

Visit - Sleng Teng Rhythm

Klang - L.o.v.e

Klang is the new band of ex-Elastica Donna Matthews and they're very good indeed, kind of like a D.I.Y Can tribute band played by Erase Errata. This was their first release on 7" on the Rough Trade shops label 'For Us'. New mini LP is out now on Blast First Petite called 'No Sound Is Heard'.

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Anonymous said...

25 listens and my feet won't stoppa. Clappas riddim is a banger. Here I go again.


RSL said...

thanks for that klang. did you know that there's a live ep for download at a klang fan site:

totally yummy. have you hear anything from justin and mew's project? [i can't remember the name of it now]

Rowche said...

All I know is that Justin and Mew got married and the band is called Hi-Fi I think? Haven't heard them yet though. Has anyone?

There are some live Klang MP3s here