Thursday, July 01, 2004

A John Robie (re)production

Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar (John Robie mix)

'There's seventy-billion people on earth. Where are the hiding?'

Originally released on the critically acclaimed 2x45 mini LP this is the John Robie remix from the Factory records re-release. FAC 82.

Along with Arthur Baker and Afrika Bambaataa, John Robie was responsible for the ground breaking 'Planet Rock' and he also co-wrote 'Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)' with Man Parrish. Released in 1982, Robie's (re)production (how very Factory) of 'Yashar' sounds great twenty years on with it's blend of funk, electro and Eastern flavours and if you like the Emulator sound then this is for you.

Visit - Cabaret Voltaire


Anonymous said...

I never really liked much of the Cabs stuff (apart from nag nag nag),
always seemed a bit too stark for me.
But this (re)mix is really good, pretty groovy.
would love to hear this played out somewhere at volume.

Thanks Rowche


Rowche said...

The louder the better with this track!