Monday, July 05, 2004

You brute!

Earl Brutus - Your Majesty We Are Here

The Earl Brutus is a fictional pub that's quite a rough sort of place but with a nice carvery on Sunday lunchtimes.

Taking the showmanship baton from Freddie Mercury in the great glam-rock relay race, Earl Brutus had milk-warm Britain in the stocks. With violence, heavy drinking and a neon sign that read 'Piss Off' behind them at their gigs Earl Brutus were the meeting of The Glitter Band and The Fall in a 24 hour offy. After a short spell kind of split up Earl Brutus are back again and here's one of their tracks from their 1998 LP 'Tonight You Are The Special One' to remind us why we need them so much.

Visit - Earl Brutus fan site

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