Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Punk rock cocktail

The Dukes Of Nothing - Rock & Roll Fever

When a song has a lyric such as "you can give your ass to Mick Jagger, but leave my ass alone." you know it's sure to be genius. This song was originally recorded by David Allen Coe a blue-collar Nashville singer, songwriter, magician and ventriloquist who spent a large proportion of his time in prison.

The Dukes Of Nothing however are London based rock pigs who include Dean Berry from Iron Monkey, Chris Turner from Orange Goblin and former members of Acrimony. As their website says 'you're guaranteed a punk rock cocktail of special brew, speed and a black eye.' Quite.

Visit - www.dukesofnothing.com

Whilst Simon is away i'll be posting a song every now and then, this first one is not representative of what's forthcoming so not too worry.

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