Monday, June 28, 2004

The legend of Pazuzu Lee

Firstly just like to thank everybody for their kind words. It's been a difficult few days but your emails and messages have really helped and are very much appreciated. Thanks Simon x

Secondly, to the music...

Toolshed - Pazuzu (Theme from Exorcist II)

This is outstanding, filthy dirty bass and electronics all over the place. Graham Massey (ex 808 State) with his 4 drummer, 6 piece horn section band started a club in 1998 to play 'crackers jazz' music. This was the first release on 7" (Toolshed Recordings; BLACK DECK 001) which came out in 2000!

This track can also be found on a new double album out soon on Manchester's Twisted Nerve label. Difficult to describe Pazuzu is one of the most frightening and demented pieces of music i've heard.

Visit -

Wilson Pickett - Stagger Lee

This song was originally a hit for Lloyd Price in 1959. Wilson's version was released on Atlantic records in 1967. This is one of the most covered songs ever with everyone from Nick Cave, Pat Boone and Woody Guthrie all having a go. This in my opinion is by far the best. It's one of the most full-on, in your face soul songs ever to be released.

Visit - Story of Stagger Lee

Visit - Recordings of Stagger Lee

I'm not going to be able to post songs over the next week or so. Luckily I have standing in the wings my friend Rowche who will upload the odd record or two in my absence. Please be nice...


Anonymous said...

Wow... that That toolshed track is mental, but good.
the Wilson track is just excellent.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Toolshed song because of the 'jazz crackers' description but I never expected it was going to sound like that! What on earth's going on? Great but a little bit unsettling. Will investigate Toolshed a bit more I think.

I keep jazz mags in my toolshed what about you?