Monday, October 29, 2007

Ringo Masters Breakout...

Ringo Deathstarr - Swirly (edit)

Once in a while I stumble upon some great music. I then go out and buy their CD's or records and play them to death.
Sadly though, Ringo Deathstarr didn't have any records out, so I asked if I could put one out for them.
They said yes. Woo Hoo!!!
And this is the result.

The debut release by Ringo Deathstarr, which also happens to be the debut CD release on Spoilt Victorian Child Records.

It's a stunning collection of 5 tracks that just ooze fuzzy noise-pop quality.
I could go on and on about how utterly brilliant this EP is, and that it's a debut record as good as I've ever heard and so on and so on...
But I reckon you might think I'm a little biased.
Luckily though there are lots of other lovely people who have said some very very good things about it too...

"You can never have too much of a good thing. Especially when that good thing is screamingly loud blitzkrieg pop and laser-guided shoegazery melodies"
@ Swiss Toni's Place

"It is noise-pop at it’s finest, and is one of my favorite Texas releases this year. $6 gets you a brilliant 5 track CD, that you won’t be able to take out of your player."
@ Boca Tinta

"Tutte e 5 le tracce sarebbero un potenziale singolo in heavy rotation nella testa di un fan di musica indie."
@ Indie For Bunnies

"Tracks like ‘Down On You’ boast a mesmerising tumble drier of molten guitars and a balmy sirocco of dreamy vocals. This is music to lose yourself in"
@ MP3 Hugger

"Ringo Deathstarr's superb debut EP is instant gratification for early-Nineties noise pop. Right from the gummy guitar of opener "Swirly" – its gorgeous, looped midsection could be a lost track from MBV's Loveless"
@ The Austin Chronicle

"Excuse me for being a bit late on the best shoegaze record of the year, but frankly I've been far too busy enjoying the crap out of every second of Ringo Deathstarr's debut self-titled EP"


@ Skatterbrain

"a corking four-piece from Texas who recall the glory years of Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Drop FNineteens. I absolutely love them, and listening to this EP made me feel 17 all over again; the distorted mess of gorgeous, fuzzy guitars and buried vocals replicating the confusion that reigned in my nascent, addled mind at that time."
@ The White Noise Revisited

"Ringo Deathstarr = Psychocandy + Loveless. And that's a huge compliment. Honestly, name another band that has lived up to either of those, well, genres really. Nobody. Ringo Deathstarr pull it off. I've always said "do something familiar amazingly or do something totally new". The Deathstarr pull off the former without even the slightest hesitation."
@ A Certain Romance

"great billowing space rock that comes on like a starblown JAMC spilt across the bone dry toil of the Texas Plains..."
@ Mountain*7

"this takes the beautiful noise of prime period Sonic Youth and early Jesus and Mary Chain and marries it to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine and early Ride, and creates something wonderfully new in the process."
@ 17 Seconds

"the use of feedback, fuzzed up layers, and lazy stoned vocals all combine in a harmony filled rush of a few minutes to provide the best pop high imaginable."
@ I Really Love Music

"Ringo Deathstarr are one of the most exciting new discoveries in years and, should the nu-gaze scene come to fruition as it keeps on threatening to do, they'll be heading it up."
@ Culture Deluxe Single of the Week.

"ihr schön krachiger Klang, verbunden mit dunklem Gesang und feinen Melodien"
@ Coast is Clear

"Their feedback inspired chainsaw like guitars produce a tonic for ones ears."
@ Indie MP3

"It’s music to be played loud - really, really fucking loud, so that it all just shakes its way through your skeleton as you stand there trembling slightly and wondering if music this loud is actually physically safe. Ah, fuck the neighbours."
@ Song, by Toad

"At first listen, the songs come across as a massive wall of sound. However, the music is deceptive, because you realize that tucked into the immensity of the sound is a vulnerability, only it's all wrapped up inside huge guitar chords, powerful drumming, and vocals that are hiding in a haze just beneath the surface."
@ Lost In Your Inbox

"This EP can only be described as a critical buy"
"easily has the breadth of vision and sheer beauty that Shields et al possessed at their once dizzy heights."
"It is five stars all the way, and then some."

@ And Before The First Kiss

"Their pulsing layers of feedback and those droll, deadpan vocals are ripped straight from Psychocandy, but the galloping, amphetamine rhythms are harder charging than even the most amped up track on that album."
@ Pitchfork

"everybody basically just plays two chords"
interview @ Austinist

"Every once in a while we advise you to drop everything and check something out. This is one of those times. Check out one of the latest signings to Spoilt Victorian Child Records, Ringo Deathstarr. Do it. Do it."
@ Clicky Clicky Music Blog

"Fucking brilliant."

If you're in Texas this week, then you could be lucky enough to catch Ringo Deathstarr supporting The Dandy Warhols....

The CD is now available in the UK, US and Europe and can be yours by clicking the relevant button below.
And the download is available to those who prefer something delivered within a couple of minutes, and is encoded at a lovely 256kbps and comes with full print quality artwork.

GBP 3.00
free postage
CD (Europe)
EUR 6.00
free postage
USD 6.00
free postage
SVC Download
GBP 2.00

Or download from Amazon for $4.95

Visit - Ringo Deathstarr @ MySpace
Visit - Ringo Deathstarr @ SVC Records


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