Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Vice... ???

Novice - Has He Seen Me
Novice - Cinnamon People

Forget Funky Friday, this is Scuzzy Sunday!
Sometimes all you want to hear is a big slab of scuzzzz...
And Novice push all the right buttons, Sabbath, Butties, early Flaming Lips, they're all in there. What a lovely retro rock racket.
After growing up on Punk, Post-Punk, Electronica, ABBA and Psychedelia the Butthole Surfers hit my ears in the early to mid Eighties and battered their way in like a jack hammer, that was it for me. They changed my listening habits for a good decade.
Novice write songs that hark back to those days, all solid riffs and messed up tunes with Butties style weirdness, albeit not as full on and in your face, but it's still there. And it comes as no surprise at all to find that Novice hail from the very same hot bed of messed up rock, Austin, Texas.
I guess they might get a little fed up of the comparisons, but to me it would be a massive compliment, and I hope they take it that way. Like I said, sometimes you just can't beat a big slab of scuzzy rock.

Love it.

Visit - Novice @ MySpace

It appears that Novice have now split up...
Damn shame.


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