Monday, July 16, 2007

Sexbeat, Sexbeat, Sexbeat, Sexbeat, Sexbeat, Sexbeat...

Sexbeat - Sexbeat

What a bloody great track...
This has been floating around my brain for about a quarter of a century now.
It's time to release it and set it free.

Back in the day I was a bit of a teeny Gothic Punk with hair all over the place and decked out in nothing but black, I look at the few remaining pictures of me from back then and just laugh...
What a tit.

But a hell of a lot of the music I was listening to in my post punk years like Bauhaus, Specimen, The Birthday Party, UK Decay, Alien Sex Fiend, Early Sisters of Mercy and a host of others has just stuck with me, although I think some of it is quite silly nowadays, but in a good way.

Bauhaus and The Birthday Party had been around for a few years by the time 1982 hit and I'd grown accustomed to the abuse of hairspray when it brought us The Batcave, it was basically a nightclub that a whole movement had attached itself to. I never went, distance and age (or lack of) being the main reasons, but when the album "Batcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns" was released in 1983 I was there in spirit.
It was the opening two tracks that really stood out for me, the first being "Dead Man's Autochop" by Specimen (more on them sometime soon) followed by this little beauty.

Sexbeat started their life as the brainchild of The Batcave resident DJ Hamish joined by most boy goths wet dreams Sophie (see pic) and Linzi.
They only ever recorded three tracks, Sexbeat, Sweat and Pump (I see a bit of theme here...).
On the back of the Sexbeat track they recorded for the Young Limbs album they were signed by ABC Records in the US and recorded the other two tracks for them, but alas were never released (although Sweat turned up on one of those Gothic Rock CD's a few years back)

Anyway, dig out your Insette, back-comb your hair and flail around the room like it's the end of the world...
Bloody Goths.

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