Saturday, July 28, 2007


Kiiiiiii - 4 Little Joeys

I really don't know what to say about this little bit of wonderfully mad Japanese shoutabout experimental art pop, apart from it's wonderfully shouty, experimentaly, arty and poppy and Kiiiiiii hail from Japan.
To get the full effect though you have to go and watch the video on YouTube (linky below), looks and sounds like they have a lot of fun.
The video's taken from their new DVD 'Gold and Silver'.

Melissa and Hiram from the lovely Harvey Girls sent me a link to the video and I instantly fell in love with it, thanks guys.
So after several plays I thought I'd try and find a web page, success, and double double good, this track is available to download.

'4 Little Joeys' appeared on a 7" only limited release from 2005.
I guess I'm going to be trawling eBay.
And as another lovely little downloadable treat from their website is this cracking minimal but cute version of 'Brown Girl In The Ring' taken from their latest album "Al & Bum" which was released earlier this month, sadly I can't find anywhere to buy the bloody thing either, apart from on Japanese Amazon...

Kiiiiiii - Brown Girl In The Ring

That'll ding dang do for Simon.

Buy - Kiiiiiii - Gold and Silver DVD
Visit - Kiiiiiii
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Watch - Kiiiiiii - 4 Little Joeys on YouTube


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