Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Ghost Of My Life....

The Third Eye Foundation - Corpses as Bedmates

Well, it's a lovely sunny Sunday today, so what better track to offer up than one of the darkest and scariest pieces of music I've ever heard...
This track has been haunting me for a good few years now, every now and again I'll hear it and every time I have it freaks me out...
And every time I've vowed to get a copy of it, but never got round to it...
Until now.
I don't know if it's the strange reverb saturated sound, or the howling noise, that gives way to that twisted screeching, but whatever it is, this is the soundtrack to your worst nightmare come true.

The Third Eye Foundation is primarily Matt Elliott from Bristol (now based in France), who has for some years been creating some of the most startling electronica I've heard, but as ever with Bristolians, with a bit of a knowing wink and dig in the ribs.

This track was originally found on the very aptly titled 'Ghost' album from 1997, but some kind folks decided to release a stunning triple cd collection a few months back.
It's an incredibly well put together package featuring the first three albums along with the singles and some newer material, again it's aptly entitled 'Collected Works', and not only is it brilliant, but it costs the price of a single album.
Buy it, listen to it, love it...
But leave the lights on.

Buy - The Third Eye Foundation - Collected Works
Visit - The Third Eye Foundation & Matt Elliott
Visit - Matt Elliott @ MySpace


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