Saturday, January 20, 2007

Those Bastard Bastard Fairies...

The Bastard Fairies - We're All Going To Hell

The Bastard Fairies - Guns And Dolls

Well, what the hell can I say about The Bastard Fairies, apart from they have a great name.

Twisted nursery rhyme style songs sung with a tongue dripping with sarcastic, mischievous intent...
"Naughty but nice, sweet and sour, beautifully macabre, wonderfully morose. Like a baby with a razor blade..."
That about sums them up, well it doesn't, but you'll get a better idea when you listen to the tracks.

The Bastard Fairies are a duo comprising of Yellow Thunder Woman (translation of her Indian name Wakinyan Zi Win) & Robin Davey, who between them are award winning filmakers, their film "The Canary Effect" won the Stanley Kubric award for bold and innovative film making last year.

They also between them have a very giving nature as not only are there a ton of pictures on their myspace page to ogle over, but their album "Memento Mori" (which these two tracks are taken from) is being given away absolutely FREE...
And considering there's not a single dodgy track on it you can't possibly not go and download it, and truly enjoy it.
How have they not been snapped up by some cunning label with an eye and ear for something a little different I'll never know!
Maybe they like it this way.

Visit - The Bastard Fairies and download their great album...
Visit - The Bastard Fairies @ MySpace
Visit - Yellow Thunder Woman @ MySpace
Visit - Robin Dayey @ MySpace
Visit - The Canary Effect @ MySpace


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