Monday, January 15, 2007

Eh Up!

Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again (Dinosaur Mix)

Hello Again.....

This song has turned up in several different guises, mixes and releases over the years, most notably as one of the many highlights in Optimo's 'Psyche Out' mix. (more on them soon)
A lot has also been written about this tune all over the interweb thing (including a fair number of blogs), but all of them seem to have written about or posted the Original 12" versions (A & B Sides), which in fairness are among the most disco-e-fied tracks ever to reach vinyl...
Think LCD Soundsystem and a trillion of the other Disco Punks out there, I guarantee that the 12" was the template that the majority of them have used and abused to varying degrees of success.

This is a slightly different kettle of fish though, it's a hell of a lot rougher round the edges and has a lot less overdubs, less production and sounds frikkin' great....
Pretty much like a live demo recording that someone had the genius idea to release regardless... bless them!

I'm not too sure of the origins of this version to be honest, a friend has it on white label with "Kiss Me Again - Dinosaur Mix" written on it, I don't know if it's an official thing or a bootleg from a demo or whatever.
If anyone can help fill in the blanks here I'd be very grateful.

Here's a few bit's and pieces I do know about the track....
It was skillfully put together by the late Arthur Russell (disco cello uberman) in 1978 and features the belting vocals of Myriam Valle (we'll just have to block from our memories the tracks she recorded with Michael 'Beelzebub' Bolton... ughh!), what a voice this lady has, especially in this version, sans reverb etc... soul diva indeed.
Also featured on this recording is Wilbur Bascomb who early in the seventies started his recording career on the sublime Blue Note records playing with the legendary Marlena Shaw... there's also Alan Schwartzberg on drums, him from the band Mountain, he also played with Hendrix, Gloria Gaynor, Tom Verlaine, Mike Oldfield and Peter Gabriel...
It also features the guitar talents of a certain Mr.David Byrne who manages to turn the end of the track into a disco version of Psycho Killer...
All in all pretty seminal I hope you'll agree.

But forgetting all the personnel and history to this song... just bang it on very loud , shimmy round your room while you're getting ready to go out, or whatever it is you're doing tonight, and have a great week everyone.

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I'd like thank every single person who has left a comment on the last post...It's pretty much down to your words and thoughts that has given me the kick up the arse that I needed to start this thing up again... plus I've really missed writing about the music I love.

So what else have I missed?


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Spoilt Victorian Child said...

In case anyone ever finds this post again, some kind person has uploaded the track to that new fanged YouTube thing...