Sunday, January 28, 2007

Please Release Me.....

Schuman The Human - Oh How Happy

Two weeks ago the 'Showtime For Schuman' album by Schuman The Human was released...
What an absoulute corker it is too, chocka full of great great tunes reminiscent of Vic Godard, Lee Hazelwood and Edwyn Collins with a healthy dose of 'Loaded' era Velvet Underground thrown in for very good measure.

Schuman The Human is primarily Mark Foster who is more than ably accompanied by the lovely Chilli Gold on about half the album.
Mark used to play guitar for the afore-mentioned legend that is Vic Godard, and Chilli was a former protege of Boney M ubermeister Frank Farrian and had a top ten hit in Germany, she can also be found starring in the cult comedy horror movie 'Freak out'.
Chilli's also currently recording her new album, which I can't wait to hear.

A strange combination I think you'll agree, but the music they make is just fantastic, as you can hear from Schuman's brilliant version of the Edwynn Starr penned northern soul classic 'Oh How Happy'.

This is an album that refuses to fit the all too predictable Alt-country blueprint and simply plows its own peculiar furrow of pop/punk/country/bluegrass etc etc........

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