Tuesday, July 18, 2006

She's got hair down to her fanny

Like A Tim - Legs

You’d have to either have a heart fashioned from concrete, be devoid of a sense of humour or be an uptight, hardcore ZZ Top fan to not delight at this marvellous cover version of the bearded trio’s track ‘Legs’.

Appearing on Dutch acid-wizard Like A Tim’s (comes from his nickname ‘Lijke Tim’ which means ‘Corpse Tim’!) debut album for Alec ‘Digital Hardcore’ Empire’s Geist imprint, ‘Yeah Right’, this cover imagines the original track as a Euro electro pop number. The vocal sounds like it was sung by a twelve-year-old girl (it’s actually Gina D’Orio from DHR act Cobra Killer) giving it everything she can, and there’s a superb synth solo that must have been played on the keytar. I love keytars. It couldn’t be any more retro-80s if it was wearing leg warmers and playing with a Rubik’s Cube. The first time I heard it I thought it was a piss-take, but repeated listens have lead me to the conclusion that it is performed with passion and a reverence towards the original to make it ultimately endearing and uplifting.

I’ve also posted a link below to the video that accompanied ZZ Top’s original version of ‘Legs’. My teenage brain has fond memories of this vid (for obvious reasons!), though I always used to say, “I love that ZZ Top video, the car is sooo cool!”. Yeah right. The car…

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Jay said...

I'm not into tecno at all, but I will say that this a good cover song. The beat is the same and it wasn't slowed or sped up. Great job on taking old school and merging it with the present.