Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Is A Coming In

Si Schroeder - Lavendermist

This beauty was punted over to me from Trust Me I’m A Thief, a really good looking Dublin based label. Perfectly timed, as far as I’m concerned: I’ve been subjecting myself to the rigours of Gruntsplatter for the last week or so and although it’s great dark ambient hoo ha you really do need to get out of purgatory once in a while, if only for a fag.

There’s a good old tradition called Dream Pop that surfaces every now again in a most skewed and stately manner. It had a wonderful renaissance around the late eighties with the likes of A R Kane, Talk Talk, Butterfly Child, and, if I remember rightly, the first Nightblooms album. Here it is again, turning slowly through the backwards cymbals, droning bass figure, tiny details of bright noise, and fantastically placed melody.

To be honest, the vocal line is a real treat, because it has the good sense not to try to take over the proceedings. This allows the thing to build superbly until it drops right down around the six minute mark. Sparse piano and guitar, then the cymbals pull you back in for the final, spine tingling moments. Love it, love it, love it. I think I’ve just found Summer’s Song.

Go visit the site, kids, there’s heaps of things for you over there. Tell ‘em Mikey sent ya.

Buy: Si Schroeder 'Coping Mechanism'

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